You Have to Start at the Cross

If we want to know God, good theology is important; personal experience can be sweet; but they cannot be our starting place.  We cannot start with those and work our way up to the cross, the stumbling block and folly.  We must start with the cross, the God's love for us perfectly reflected in Jesus on the cross.

Praying for Love

If we ever needed to know how to overcome Hate, this is the time. Hate, as vile and reprehensible as it is, cannot be out-argued, out-protested, or shouted down.  Only Love can overcome Hate. Only Love can overcome Hate -- but how?  Love cannot prevail by hating Hate.  To overcome Hate, Love must be, like …

Spinning Plates

If you are old enough, you might remember variety shows like the Ed Sullivan show.  These shows featured singers, comics, dancers, and one my favorites: plate spinners.  The plate spinner starts plates spinning, one after another, atop flexible rods.  To keep each plate spinning he had to manipulate the rod before the plate slowed down …


Pentecost is this Sunday, June 4th, and I am feeling a need to write about why we should care about Pentecost. I need to be honest.  I am a little intimidated to write about Pentecost.  It's been written about many, many times by people much more clever and much more learned than I am. Do …

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