About me and my Pops’ Workshop

2018-12-27 Family Hammerslag-102Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me, my blog and why I am writing it.

At the age of fifty five, I experienced a life-changing encounter with God.  Over several months of a spring and summer, in a series of visions and revelations, I met my Pops, God the Father, in his workshop deep in a mountain forest.  I was gently healed and renewed in those encounters.  I also received a call to help lead others to know about and experience the Father’s love for them. Since my time in Pops’ Workshop I have become a certified Spiritual Director, learning much about what I experienced and how to aid others.

I am writing a book, “In Pops’ Workshop”, a spiritual memoir of my experiences. In this blog, “From Pops’ Workshop,” I will share thoughts on Christian growth and formation and how we can attend to our interior lives. I hope you find value in my postings and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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