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An Experience of God’s Love and Healing

I began this website with the intent of building “a brand” with an eye toward getting a book published. As time has gone by it became clear to me that publishing a book was more about vainglory and stroking my ego than about sharing what might be of kingdom service. Recently I realized that the cure for that vainglory is to simply make content that would be/could be a book available online.

I will be posting chapters here. Several chapters are already written and so can appear with some regularity; I expect bi-weekly or monthly. If you’d like to get them in your email, subscribe below:

If you are new here, you will want to start at the beginning. Here is the first chapter.

Workshop Chapter 5: All the Wrong Questions

The fifth installment of “In Pops’ Workshop” where I begin to learn that wanting the answers to questions can be a way for me to feel good and superior. More importantly, it kept me from continuing to experience God.

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