Spiritual Direction

Are you striving to deepen your relationship with God? Perhaps you are feeling “stuck” in your spiritual growth or find yourself thinking, “there has got to be more!” It may be helpful for you to check out Spiritual Direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?

The Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA) has a great definition of spiritual direction:

A Christian spiritual director is a trained listener who will accompany you as you share about your spiritual journey, helping you to notice God’s presence and activity along the way, as well as your personal reactions and responses. Hospitable, confidential, and grounded in biblical truth, spiritual direction is a ministry that helps you grow in prayer and live into your calling as a follower of Christ.

https://www.graftedlife.org/spiritual-direction/about-spiritual-direction, retrieved 12 May 2022

They also offer good advice on selecting a spiritual director.


  • What is a session with a spiritual director like? Most sessions last about an hour. A typical session might look like a thoughtful conversation, with times of prayer and silence woven through it.
  • How often should I meet with a director? This can vary greatly. Most people find it best to meet once a month. When first starting out it may be a good idea to meet weekly for a bit.
  • Does it cost anything? Most directors charge a fee, often around $50 per session. I suggest $55 for my directees, but will not turn anyone away due to an inability to pay a fee.
  • Are our conversations confidential? As a member of the ESDA I follow their code of conduct which requires confidentiality except in cases where there is a threat of violence or harm to the directee or others. In those rare cases, the directee is notified of what will be reported and to whom.
  • What will we talk about? Anything you’d like to talk about! God is in all aspects of your life, so no topic is irrelevant or “out of bounds.” But you are always in control and are not required to address particular subjects.
  • Are Spiritual Directors licensed? In general, no. Some Spiritual Directors are also licensed therapists or counselors. Most have completed a lengthy certificate program in spiritual direction, but that is unregulated.
  • How do I start? The easiest way to start is to select a director (either me or someone else) and have an initial conversation about what you are looking for and might hope to get from partnering with a director. Most directors do not charge for an initial meeting.

Are You Ready?

If you think you are in a place where meeting regularly with a spiritual director could help you, I am happy to talk with you about spiritual direction and the possibility of working with you on your journey. I am a graduate of the Sustainable Faith School of Spiritual Direction and have been offering direction for over five years. I am a member of the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association and the Arizona Spiritual Formation Society.

I live in the southeast Phoenix, Arizona area, and can meet with you in person or via video conference.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can do that here: Schedule a direction appointment.

Or if you would rather have me contact you, please feel free to fill out the form below and I will followup.

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