The Root of our Problem

Pride is Satan’s signature sin. Pride caused Satan’s fall and pride caused our fall. As the great Reformer theologian John Calvin observed, “Hence flowed ambition and pride, so that the woman first, and then her husband, desired to exalt themselves against God.”

Pride takes many forms. There’s vanity, the love of self.  There’s a sense of entitlement, impatience, arrogance, hubris, desiring relevance or appreciation, incessant dissatisfaction, complaining, demanding.  Pride is a stern master.

But God has given us an escape from pride. Listen to learn how you can be freed from pride and free to become your best self.

That is how my Pastor, Graeme Sellers of Wonderful Mercy Church,  summarized the message I preached on March 11th.  I couldn’t ask for a better summary.

You can listen to that message, “The Root of Our Problem,”  here.


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